Photo courtesy of Wyatt Kostygan, SRQ Magazine 2019

About Anja

Anja was trained in painting and art history. She taught art internationally for many years.  Throughout her career, she exhibited paintings, collages, and ceramics. When her students wanted wheel throwing classes, she started to work on her ceramic skills and has never looked back.

Anja’s work is influenced by the colors and styles of the places she has lived: the Bauhaus tradition of her native Germany, the Art and Crafts tradition of the American Midwest, the Mediterranean light and forms of Turkey and Italy, to the patterns and forms of India. Now she mixes her glazes to embody the colors and nature found in beautiful south Florida. 

In 2014 Anja moved to Sarasota where she lives with her husband and two kids and has been busy creating Sarasota Green Pottery.


About the Ceramics

I make pottery in my studio looking out on the palms and oaks and the big lawn of our historic neighborhood club house. The studio is in South Sarasota, Florida, about a ten minute drive from the Gulf of Mexico.

Walks on the beach in all weather as well as working amid the greenery inspire the colors of my glazes.

I love creating functional work. I get excited about perfecting form and function and I love that people can use my pottery every day. I have been inspired by the ceramics, colors and artifacts in the places I have lived and travelled and I love the references, cultural associations and history an object can carry.

I learn from living with ceramics and constantly try to fine tune the way my pieces look and work.  I try to strike a balance between the simple and decorated, elegant and rustic, expressive and sleek.  I like producing series of things as well as striding out and developing new work.

Handmade objects are an invitation to be mindful, slow down and enjoy every day life. Making every-day objects means disengaging from mass consumption and disposable culture. Handcrafted objects help us to be more connected to objects people and life.